This unique Reserve has one of the largest collections of Baobabs in the country.

THE AFRICAN BAOBAB  (Adansonia digitata) is the one of 9 species of baobab trees native to the African mainland.

Reserve was established in 1926 to protect these gentle giants.

These huge 'upside down' trees, grow as tall as 25 metres and can get as wide as 28 metres.

The old story is that a long, long time ago, the Gods were angry with the people and in their anger uprooted the first Baobab and threw it back up on Earth with its roots facing up. The other Baobabs then grew according to this pattern. This is how Baobab looks like.

Some baobabs are considered thousands of years old, which is difficult to verify because its wood does not produce annual rings. The largest tree around Musina is estimated at 4,500 years.

Very old Baobabs form cavities in the trunk, which in ancient times were used as a temporary shelter in bad weather, they also served to store packages, something like a Post Office or one even housed a small bar 😊.

Visit this unique place, and you will fall in love with these gentle giants and will be left with unforgettable memories.