If you plan an exciting trip to South Africa, a few things will catch you off guard shortly after you arrive. If you live on Northen hemisfere, lots of thinks will be different 😇

    The adventure will start at the airport, if you used to drive on the right hand side, you get into the vehicle from the side as you are used to, you will find that someone has taken the steering wheel from you. It is on the other side, here you drive on the left side of the road. And there are more of those opposites. That there are more black residents than white residents is certainly to be expected, the rest may surprise you.
    If you observe closely while washing your hands, you will find that the water as it drains spins in the opposite direction to the northern hemisphere.
    The windows open principally outwards, for here there is no danger of snow falling in.
    As you admire the magical night sky with a glass of wonderful South African wine, you will notice that when the moon is waxing its shape will be exactly the opposite, here it will look like the letter C.
    The beautiful shady apartment has windows and a balcony facing south. Sunny apartments are not very popular, we have too much sun.
    The houses don't have chimneys, as central heating is practically non-existent here. Only some old houses have chimneys, because they still have good old fireplaces.
    And what about the time of year, you probably left home in bitter cold weather and arrived in full summer, yes even the seasons are the opposite here.
    Well the last difference is a bit of a challenge to exercise your fine motor skills. South Africans count on their fingers backwards. How? Try counting on your fingers from one to five, the way you are used to ... well now try it like a South African, nice and slow, pinky one, ring finger two...etc 😊.

Come and see for yourself and if you find another difference I've missed, let me know, we'll add it together right away.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Zuzana, your South Africa guide ❤️